Sunday, October 11, 2009

First freeze at the garden

Hi there Mary,
I wondered if you were ever going to post that. It really doesn't seem so bad although I don't know if that is years of reading trashy novels causing me to lose all perspective on 'that' word.
The first real frost of the season was Friday the 9th of October. I had a few minutes in the garden before I had to start on my long day of organizing the quilt show set up. It looked interesting all frozen, although not as frozen as it will look later. Our 'normal' first frost date is September the 21st. That changed till much later last year (early November) and is still about 3 weeks late this year.
(Yes the quilt show was wonderful and no you didn't win the raffle quilt.) Neither did Dad although he was one of the ten finalists. If not for my amazing sense of drama he would be the winner as his was the first of the ten 'final' tickets drawn. However it was not to be, and Lois who is the long-arm quilter up at Faye's Henhouse won the prize. She quilted your bed quilt, Dad's too for that matter. I don't know how to break it to Dad. Maybe you could call him.

All the rest of this post is going to be frosty photo's in order to make up for the last post. Also you know we have to keep Skeeter happy.
Here is a lone survivor. I don't know how I missed it. The rest of the tomatos are littering the kitchen. They have to wait until I recover from the quilt show.

Englemann's Ivy


Strawberries and some California poppies.

Ohhh, a Heavenly Blue Morning Glory that will never open.

Garlic Chives seed heads.
Jim says these are aliens, swimming in the ozone, but I prefer to think of them as jellyfish.


And that is all,


Mary Drew said...

Have you broken it to Dad, about the quilt I mean? I'm not going to do it! I think he'd rather win a pair of knitted socks, anyway, heh heh.

Nancy said...

Yes I told him yesterday. He just laughed. Or sort of chuckled. I guess he wasn't expecting it. I told him he could try again next year.