Saturday, April 26, 2008

Still not spring, but my new Martin house is ready!

It is the 26th of April and it is colder than a well diggers ass. I think that is from a Tom Waits song; either that or a Danny O'Keefe one. Anyway I thought I would send you these pictures taken this morning. Above is my brand new purple martin house.
This one is a male White Throated Sparrow in breeding plumage. I had to go out early and put out some more thistle seed and some sunnies for them. Note the junco in the second picture?
And these are my fish, huddled together in the pond. All in all we could use a break in the weather.
On the good side I have seen 6 crocus so far this 'spring'. Usually they are all gone before we get here. Since I planted nearly 200 and never see them it is a welcome change, even with the snow.
Wow, two of them close together! Mostly it is one every 6 feet or so.



Nancy Drew said...

About 20 seconds after I took the picture of the martin house four deer popped out of the woods on the left and ran like hell across the field and went into the shelter belt to the west of our house.
Timing is everything.

Mary Drew said...

Yes, it is. For instance, like when I skyped you this evening, just after your visitors had left. And how the weather's been so cold that you're in time to see the crocuses. Are your neighbors glad to see you back?