Thursday, April 10, 2008


Hi Mary,
It is sleeting out. We are possibly getting 4-8 inches of snow but I think, hope, it will stay warm enough that we only get a half an inch of ice.
I went to a talk by Sally Melville tonight on Creativity. She said that you are most creative when you get the most sleep. Your brain does most of it's problem solving in the last few hours of an 8 hour night.
Mine too. Nine is better.
She also said to lay still when you wake up and try to visualize your dreams and then put words to the visuals. The visuals are right brain and the words are left brain. If you wiggle around you will 'jiggle' the visuals and they will disappear before you can remember them.
And she said there are no mistakes, just learning experiences. I say your mistakes aren't mistakes, they are just design elements. It is about the same thing.
It was a good talk and then we got to feel a whole bunch of her sweaters. I also had her sign the one book I brought down that had a design of hers in it. My Meg Swanson edited book on lace called A gathering of Lace.
Sally designed a sweater that is in it and she signed the page.
Another thing I learned while there was about this book called Great Carriers, Purses and Totes, which has a wonderful pattern for a felted bag in it. The lady sitting next to me was carrying one and knitting one. Lots of fun to see. I don't know who wrote it but I know a librarian. Maybe she will tell me.

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