Tuesday, April 15, 2008


So you saw Sally Melville. What did you think? I remember when I saw her, she talked about Yin Yoga and I ran out and bought a book and CD which sit here in my office, keeping me company, but never calling out. Yet.

I have a question for you. Do you know which bird this is?

It is a teeny-tiny bit bigger than the chickadees that it often arrives with, but not as timid. It will hang around pecking at things, while chickadees swoop in, grab a seed, and swoop away. Brian couldn't find it in our two bird books. It's got a gray breast, slightly darker back, and a black hood over the head, as you can see.

My time these days is spent in schoolwork, and doing physical therapy for a rotator cuff injury - remember I talked to you about it at Christmas? It's getting better - they tell me that I caught it before it became "frozen."

So - you and Jeni together. I am jealous. Send pictures. Love, Mary


Nancy Drew said...

Well, it could be a junco. That is their m.o. I find the picture a little too 'head on' for me to feel like I am getting a good look. Junco's have a white stripe on the outside of their tail that flashes when they fly away. Does this one? Some juncos have the hood and some have the whole head and back the darker color.
Send another pic.

Nancy Drew said...

One of the things Sally Melville said was to lay still when you wake up.
She said that you dream with one side of your brain (I forget which one) and if you lay still when you wake up you will remember your dreams.
If you wiggle around you will shake the two sides of your brain...I am paraphrasing here... and your dream will get all mixed up into the other side and be forgotten.
So I thought, what a bunch of hooie, but I have been conciously trying it out and it works!!!! (Ask me about the channel cat tour bus some day)