Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day

Dear Mary,
Happy May Day. When I was younger May Day was when you went around to the neighbors and hung a basket of flowers on their doorknob, rang the doorbell and ran and hid and watched them get flowers.
Even when I was young that was becoming rare. I doubt anyone does it anymore. However here are some flowers for your doorknob.
Eastern Swallowtail. I get one or two a year and always run out to photograph it.
This one was pure luck. I was waiting in the garden for a sphinx moth to come and land on my flower. I was being very still, and the hummer came instead. I actually had the presence of mind to take the photo.
Here is the moth I was waiting for. Cute eh?

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Mary Drew said...

Actually, I did storytime at the library on May Day. I asked the children if they knew about May Day, and one little girl said yes, that is when you put flowers on someone's doorknob and ring the doorbell. I was surprised.
Bee-yutiful quilts! I like the second one best.