Sunday, May 25, 2008

A windy day in the garden

The servant has been very lazy and not posted for ages so I had to steal her new laptop and put up a post. Yesterday she was out gazing at the birds for a long time, so I had her take a video.

The wind was gusting to 40 - 45 mph and kept buffeting her around so she stood against the door and tucked the camera up to her chest. With her heft you would think she could have stood still. She managed for much longer than I figured she would and you can see, and hear how windy it was.

At least you will be able to if I can get this video up on the website. How hard can it be? There is the little movie icon just like on her camera. She wants this to remember all her birds when she is in Minneapolis without them. What a sap.

You will probably be bored before it finishes but I expect FattyKitty will like it.

Speaking of whom, I hear the fattykitty is having a little trouble getting onto his computer. Evidently school makes librarians much more possessive of their laptops. You will have to just stop taking so many naps dear FK. Then you might find some 'desk time'.


Abbiethekitty, PQJ, PYI


PJ the Fatty Kitty said...

All right, I'll bite. What do the initials stand for after your name, Abbiethekitty?

abigail said...

Professional Quilt Judge and of course Professional Yoga Instructor.
How fast you forget dear PJ the Fatty Kitty.

abigail said...
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