Thursday, October 4, 2007

This will be short...

You are right - I'm busy & exhausted from school, but mostly technological burn-out. A new computer, plus a new operating system, plus new software and new technologies to master has made this a nightmare - and it hasn't stopped yet. I won't go into details, but suffice it to say that every delay and snarl imaginable appears to be confounding my first weeks of school. I'm really pissed off about it, too. There is nothing to be done however, but to keep on keeping on.

Meanwhile - it hasn't been all bad, of course. Here's a picture of the really cool Suzzalo Library on the UW campus (in Seattle):
And here's a picture of me watching my Vietnamese coffee steep in a little restaurant in the International District:
YuM! That white stuff on the bottom is sweetened, condensed milk. It whipped up into something like a coffee and cream milkshake.

Hopefully, after a couple more weeks I'll be used to Windows Vista, and a host of other junk. The ol' bear might divorce me after this - near-constant frustration makes a real bitch out of me. Egad! He's been very understanding, noting that his recent school experiences had their own high level of frustration at times.
Time for bed. Oops! No, time to read another 20 pages of (I know you'll love this): "Information-as-process is situational. Therefore, evidence involved in information-as-process is so situationally also. Hence, whether any particular object, document, data, or event is going to be informative depends on the circumstances, just as the "relevance" of a document or a fact is situational depending on the inquiry and on the expertise of the inquirer (Wilson, 1973)" Etc, etc, etc. Actually, that one's not so bad. I couldn't find the really funny paragraph.

Take care of yourselves, I love you. Mary


Nancy Drew said...

HA! Any sentence with therefore and hence in it is bound to be trouble. It sounds like the type of sentence Bertie Wooster would read to prove that you should never get involved with that woman.
Love and kisses to you as you struggle through Windows Vista.

Nancy Drew said...

If you ever figure out Vista and get enough time you should put up your reading list so we can avoid those books.

Mary Drew said...

Gosh, I love Bertie Wooster. And don't worry, you'll never find those books!

Nancy Drew said...

Well Bertie did. I am sure he reads less than me. Of course, he was only reading them at the request of a fiance.
They used to make him read Spinoza. I have avoided Spinoza ever since.