Monday, October 22, 2007

Surprise! I'm still alive!

But barely, as my blog existence is dictated by the amount of homework I have, which is always....A LOT. Actually, everything is homework, since this library degree is an online deal. But I'm learning some tricks. Such as: how to get something else done while listening to an online lecture:What's that, you say? Could Mary actually be winding up balls of yarn to send to Nancy? Yep. At least, they are currently in this state,
and I listened to the whole hour and 48 minutes of the IP addressing lecture. Yo, I am getting smarter by the mega-second. No, there is no such thing as a mega-second, I made that up. At least, I don't know of any mega-seconds. Unless it's the second helping I like to have of ice cream.

Something that makes me smile out loud, even if school pervades every nook and cranny of my life to the extent that I ignore the short intervals that ol' bear gets to be home from the ship, is that it is Fall.
As usual, I have a stack of fat books stuffed with leaves. I had bricks on top but we had to use those for the firebox of the woodstove. Rats, I meant to snatch another phone book from the library for these beauties I picked up today. The neatest thing I've tried lately is scanning them right at the point of greatest color. Or making copies on a color copier. It works really well. Now I can have pressed actual leaves, and copies of leaves! The ol' bear is excited too - you should hear him growl!
Ok, fun's over. Time to write a paper. Love you, M

HEY I almost forgot. I will be visiting the parents arriving Sunday Nov 18th and leaving on Thanksgiving Day (due to circumstances beyond my control)(I wonder if there will ever be an occasion to say "due to circumcisions beyond my control?" I'm dying to use that line. Perhaps: "Due to circumcisions beyond my control, I won't be having any ..." o never mind. How did I get off on this track - no pun intended?) Anyway, I will be visiting for a short 4.5 days approximately. I don't know if I will see you or not, but if I do, we could do a co-post, huh? Ok, adios already. L, M


Nancy Drew said...

Wow, what beautiful colors you put on your post. Blues and oranges and yellows. YUM!
You are leaving on Thanksgiving Day? Mom has tickets for us all to go to Chanhassan that day. What time are you leaving?????? YIKES!!!
I have not decided what day we are coming up yet, but I WILL be there when you are there. At SOME point anyway.
You realize we must have been posting at almost the same time...just time zone difference on the times.

Nancy Drew said...

I checked the time on this post and they put PST on the post so I probably am WRONG about the time. ME? WRONG? Hard to believe.

Mary Drew said...

Wrong? That is hard to believe! I was wrong once last year. Maybe. HAR! (or HARbang if you ask Dad.)