Wednesday, October 31, 2007

If I can post in 20 minutes....

...then maybe I can get to bed before midnight for once! This is what it looks
like most every evening - and early in the morning too.

Read, read, read, post to the
bulletin board, and post again.

ON another note, I wish I was eating that pie that Jon made. Was it apple?
That's what it smelled like. And speaking of Jon, look at what I'm going
to get for Christmas.

And speaking of Christmas, maybe you've heard already that I won't
be there for Thanksgiving : ( (I've really been getting into emoticons
since I started posting for school.) But really, Christmas will be so
much better, because I won't be trying to finish up projects. Schoolwork has filled up every nook and cranny of my life, and I would be bad company.

All right, it's 11:53, and I'm hittin' the hay. PJ is wrestling with the sack
of your yarn, Nancy. Ha ha! (better send that, huh?) Love you, Mary


Nancy Drew said...


Nancy Drew said...

Really I am pissed. That AaUuGgHh went on for at least 8 lines. They edited me on my own blog! Sheesh, or as Mary would say :-(

(((((((pause for reflection))))

OK though. Christmas will be better. Put the yarn in a bag already and bring it at Christmas unless you already have too much baggage.
I want that camera thingy too. I shall make Jim get it for me and we can have dueling cameras at the card table.

Mary Drew said...

I keep trying to edit this post so that it doesn't come off like some odd prose poem. It looks completely normal in the preview, but when I post it, wacky weirdness sets in. I give up. Gotta go pay bills.

Mary Drew said...

Oh, to follow up on your disappointment - I'm really sorry about messing up Thanksgiving, but I am not exaggerating about school one little bit. I have a paper due Nov. 27th and a group presentation (like the "thingy" I showed you) due Dec. 3rd, except it has to be at least 45 min. long. I mean it when I say I would not be good company - I'd be very unhappy to be wasting my time in Mpls on homework while surrounded by my loved ones. At Christmas I will be so happy! See you then. Love, Mary