Sunday, October 21, 2007

I think we have to add quilting to the title

I spent the weekend taking classes at Faye's. She had a teacher from western North Dakota, Kathleen Moorhead Johnson, in to teach machine quilting on Sunday and a quilt using strips and curves on Saturday. I got a lot of the strips done on Saturday but need to make the curves out of my 'strata' (made of 36 different 1-1/2" strips). I make two strata and then cut them with curvy lines and sew them together. It is supposed to be beautiful but busy.
I did curves once before at the request of your daughter. I guess quilters don't normally do them. As I told one other student I didn't know I couldn't do them so I did them.

Of course Alice seemed to believe that it was her quilt, but she thinks that about all the quilts and is always disappointed.

Sometimes Abby helps her check them out. This is the quilt I gave Mom and Dad.

If and when I get the curvy quilt done I will post a picture.

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