Monday, September 17, 2007


This was Sunday morning...
This was Friday afternoon. Jim and I were at Goose Pool and I took way too many pictures of this heron but he was a good poser.
This was Saturday morning.This was Saturday afternoon on the bus tour and our host was Bev Paulen of OM who 'thought' that since these were three and were on the site of the 'first family' that maybe this was the famous trio themselves having a little get-together.
This was a bus tour through the back roads of Necedah Wildlife Refuge. The places where you normally are not allowed. After we watched them for a while they took off.
This was Sunday morning.

Mist over Necedah.

OOOOO Fly away home!

ON the bus trip these two wouldn't get off the road and then they started displaying to scare us.
The youngest crane chicks don't like to get too high. Joe Duff thought that Chris, who was this pilot, was using water skis for the cranes.




Lisa Johnson Tschudy said...

Fellow Craniac from the OM site:

Thanks for sharing these pictures from Necedah and the Cranefest.

I'm originally from Wisconsin and have followed this effort from its initial beginnings.

After last year's tragic loss of the 2006 Class, I'm looking forward with much anticipation to this year's migration.

Again, thanks for sharing your pictures.

Barb Miller said...

I'm directed here from the OM site also, and like Lisa, love the pictures from Necedah. My prayers are with the Class of 2007.

I bookmarked your blog; I'm a blogger, too and I love GOOD blogs. Also have plenty of Goldfinches passing thru here in central Ohio!

Thank you for the great pics!

Mary Drew said...

Barb, give us your blog URL - we love to read good blogs too!