Friday, September 14, 2007

As a librarian...

...I'm embarrassed to say I had no idea who Amelia Peabody was, until I googled her. So follow that link to the best website I found, and you can get updates emailed right to you that will tell you when EP is going to come out with another book. From what I read, she intends to write until she "drops at age 99," so I think you're in luck.

So did you notice on the library website you linked to, they have a Sesquicentennial Quilt Show at the Boorman House September 15th 10 AM–4 PM? That's tomorrow. Maybe you can make it.

I'm pretty busy getting ready to go the the residency this online degree requires. I leave for Seattle the 23rd of Sept., go to school all week and then return the next Saturday (29th). I'll try to get some pictures and do some blogging about that. Knitting is on such a far back burner...and so is that yarn I'm supposed to ball up and send you...have a lovely rest-of-your-birding vacation. Tell Jim I sent him a joke! Love, Mary


Karen Anne said...

Here is Elizabeth Peter's own web site

The last I knew her health was not that great, (she's about eighty), but in the intervening months things seem to have improved, according to the web site, and she has some new book plans.

Mary Drew said...

Oooo, thanks for that. I checked it out, and want to start reading that series soon.