Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Two Reasons to Celebrate April 17th

Howdy Nancy,

Congratulations! By the time you read this, you will have lived through another tax season (mostly - there's no doubt lots of loose ends to tie up). Time for a deep breath, and maybe one more, before you begin packing up for the trek back to the farm. Birds, garden, quilting friends, carp back in the pond, etc, etc. Aren't you excited? I can't wait to see pictures from the farm!

Another reason to celebrate: our No. 1 nephew is now THIRTY-FIVE! Incredible. Who'd a thunk it? I saw him this weekend - he came up to Whitefish with his girlfriend and she made him go horseback riding. She's a native Montanan who had her own horse growing up, so she exposed him to something new. He called later that night and complained that his thighs were killing him, but that he liked it and might do it again. Har! I told him I'd buy him a 10-gallon hat. No. 1 Nephew is not very tall, and his girlfriend is less tall than he. So a 10-gallon hat ought to cover it. In fact, when they visited last summer, they came up in a VW bug. They had their luggage, camping gear, and two bicycles in the car, and there was still room for both of them.

I'm sorry I don't have a horseback picture, so this will have to do:

This is Ezra, a local kitty, who is eating by using her paw as a spoon. Ezra lives with Katie. A loveable kitty, eh? More knitting later, but must to work now. Love, md

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