Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mutant fish...and they fwam and they fwam...

Howdy Nancy,
I think in a few weeks, you'll be convinced that it's the mosquitos who will take over. I've been to your place, and I know whereof I speak.

Hey, on May 7, I'm going to pick up the Canadian from Fernie, BC
and bring her back down here for the graduation and the wedding that we'll be celebrating for the next two weekends. I'm looking forward to having at least two of the sisters together for awhile.

I do not suck my thumb, it's my finger!!! I am not a shrimp! I can talk! Mo-oo-ommm!
Love ya, Mary

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Nancy Drew said...

Jeez - I better get my graduation and wedding gifts off. (As if I had any yet)