Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Home Again

Yup we made it. I packed for two days and we drove home on Saturday the 21st. We got in about 4:30 and I vacuumed up bugs while Jim unpacked. The cats wanted out on the porch immediately so I let them be out there and went out to mourn over the dead fish pond.
I was standing sadly staring down at it and saying "goodbye fish" when I saw a flash of orange. Hmmmmm.
I made Jim find a hose and started a water exchange because the pump was no longer working. I have 13 fish still alive in the pond. Four of the white ones are gone. I wonder now if any died from the power loss. I think it might be racoons fishing instead.
I got a new pump yesterday and started it up so they would have some areation. Totally amazing. I think the water must not have frozen completely for very long. (Although it was 30 below zero.) I think that the power got turned back on in time for the fish to freeze and thaw slowly. The pond heater was still in the pond and probably started up again in time to slowly warm up the water. Who knows? Maybe they are just mutant unkillable goldfish. Probably from another planet sent here to take over.

PS...I am totally jealous of your knitting classes!
PPS.. Alice was out for about 45 minutes today and I have already taken 4 tiny ticks off her fur. None have managed to reach skin yet. It helps to have long fur.
Have a great time.


Mary Drew said...

So goldfish can "freeze and thaw slowly" and still live? Are they prehistoric? They must be. Weird.

Nancy Drew said...

Yup they can. They are cold water fish. However if you try to crack the ice over their head you can kill them with a concussion. Or a concusion. Or something like that.
A friend did that. She also poured hot water on them to try to defrost them. Cook them is more like.