Friday, April 20, 2007

Mug to Maggie - no, not that kind of mug

Hi Nancy. I have been having a *%&#& difficult time blogging lately. I've spent hours meticulously adding pictures, etc, only to have something go haywire and mess up the whole thing. Suffice it to say that I'm an amateur, and I can't create what I can visualize - yet! At any rate, I"ve decided to go minimalist, and just put in pictures with text below, as the damn things won't allow I'm unable to put text alongside. Obviously, I do not get it. Woe is me.

Anyway, what I've been trying to post is pictures of Mom in her three nickname stages, namely (and I'm not trying to make a pun, ol' bear, sometimes it just works out that way) "Mug," "Red," and "Maggie."

Mom as "Mug"

Mom was telling me, when I was there over Thanksgiving, that

Maggie wasn't her nickname until Dad started calling her that. I hadn't known that. Of course, she was Mug as a child, 'cos Uncle Bud couldn't say Margaret.

Mom as "Red"

When she went into the WACS in WWII, she was known as "Red"

due, of course, to her red hair. Nice do, Mom. I've got a picture of myself in the '80s that kinda reminds me of this. This picture is annotated at the top that she is getting ready to "ship out." I assume from India to home.

Mom as "Maggie"

Then there's Mom as Maggie, and this is what I didn't know. She had an Aunt Maggie, a spinster aunt that used to show up and stay with the family for a few months before moving on to another relative. I really don't know where this aunt is on the family tree. At any rate, Mom and her siblings didn't like it when this aunt came to stay because she was fussy and they probably had to be on their best (or better) behavior when she was visiting. The name Maggie became negatively associated with this aunt.
Of course, after Mom told Dad this story, he used it to tease her and call her "Maggie" as if she were a crabby old aunt and somehow the name stuck.

Well, that's a long story with not much to it, but it was interesting to hear something new. I hope to get back there soon and find out some more stuff about Mom and Dad, although they seem to be a lot funnier in telling the stories when they know nothing is recording it. Ah well. Maybe I'll take some pictures of knitting pretty soon. I'm just glad to be getting back into the swing of blogging. How is packing going? When will you be back at the farm? love, md

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