Saturday, April 14, 2007

I finally finished a project

Hi again,

Well I finally finished my scarf for Jim. I think my favorite part about it is the fringe which is really single crochet 13 times and attach to each bound off stitch and do it again. It is loopy. I thought I was going to have little curly worms at the end but that would take longer to do and it was 10 at night so I went with fast and love it.

Jim says that most blogs last 3 months. He read it somewhere and told me this. I would love to prove him wrong but we seem to be slowing down. Of course you have a graduation to plan. And a wedding to go to. And a husband in Seattle to visit. I have two more days of tax season and then back to the farm next Saturday.

I got you some pictures of Mom and Alice. Mostly them 'going for a walk'.

Mom says Alice gets on the walker and then 'looks at me'.

She has also taken Abby on two walks this week. Abby is more work though. She is afraid of the sound the walker makes when Mom releases the brakes and almost always jumps off. Mom has to push her on the walker and hold her down, um, I mean pet her until she relaxes and then she goes for a walk. Once the walker is going Abby is OK.

No pictures of them yet as Abby is shy and only does this when I am at work.

My wrist is almost completely healed from my sprain. I have lost a little movement but not enough to make any difference. The only thing that bothers me now is my right thumb. I might have hit it also in the fall because the joint where it joins the hand is swollen and a little sore and in the morning the thumb doesn't want to bend. I have to wiggle it all around. It doesn't affect my knitting though so things are OK.



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Mary Drew said...

The scarf looks grand. At first I thought it was moss stitch, then I thought it was a rib stitch. So what is it? I can't make it big enough to tell. I hope it get to see it in person someday. MD Oh - ps - I edited my post of 4/10, and found that it has now been placed before your post of 4/14, even though I think it should be after - on 4/15 when I actually published it. So what! But you'll find a response to your last post on the post before it! m