Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hi there Mary,

We took Jeni to the airport today to catch her flight to the west coast.  She was traveling in her lovely new blue Land's End coat and looked quite spiffy with her matching sunglasses.  I took a few pictures, much to her dismay.

She had her sunglasses off for these photo's though.

And the day before Jim and I made our big move he took a picture of me being comfy in my big chair, surrounded by boxes, both full and empty.  Just a little break before continuing packing.

We have been here a week and it has been lots of fun. Lots of card games were played.   Jeni and I went to Land's End (where she got the coat at 1/2 off) and we spent some time at Target too. Now we have a few days to relax before Christy  gets here for her visit.  The stores were full of merchandise and clerks and surprisingly more shoppers than I thought there would be.


Mary Drew said...

That's a beautiful coat, Jeni. Christy bought a warm coat just for visiting in Minnesota. I know you guys will have lots of fun.

blushing rose said...

Have a fun time.

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Merry Christmas ~
TTFN ~Marydon