Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Dear Mary and Jeni,

Christmas Day dawned snowy and cold.   That sound like a good first sentence.  I am trying to keep up with all the pictures, but I forgot to take a picture of the tree surrounded by presents.  It is not hard to surround the tree as it is just 3 feet tall.  However I did take a picture of Jim with one of his favorite presents.  A lovely tie pin...ahem...well, that is what he is calling it, done in the 'wheat' motif.   He wore it proudly, as you can see, until the end of the day.

We opened our presents and then sat around waiting for Jon and E to turn up.  Well we waited for about a half hour and then I decided that I had to make some snowpeople.  It was perfect packing snow.  It was a quick job, but I had to make Christy come out and help me lift the bottom pieces over the snow piles next to the sidewalk.  That was wet heavy snow!

When we were done we took a few pictures for posterity. 

Then we went in to dry off and wait for Jon and E some more.  Once they came Jon decided our van needed to be uncovered, so he volunteered.  What a good brother.

We had a very slow game (with 6 people) of hand and foot and when we were done we were exhausted.  E tried to get us to play another game but no one was up for a second one.   I know I went upstairs and took a nap. 
Christy played with Alice, or maybe it was the other way around.  I am about to go to bed and I think I am the last one up.  Tomorrow we are going to a movie.  Up in the Air is the one we have chosen.  George Clooney....yum.

Love  to you all,


Marydon Ford said...

Love the snowman, what fun to play.

I am not sure I shared with you ... we have moved to a new blog so if you would change your settings & follow us here ~

Thank you & HAPPY NEW YEAR!
TTFN ~Marydon

Mary Drew said...

I love that picture of Christy and Alice.

Nancy said...

Me too. Alice thought Christy was being too quiet so she got up on her and requested some petting. She got some too.
That Christy is a good kid.

Mary Drew said...

And she's reading Bird by Bird. I wonder if that's why Alice is perched there?