Friday, March 6, 2009

What's new with me

Hi Nancy,
First off, I think that sweater looks wonderful on you. Although I don't know what stealing a sweater has to do with being the oldest. However, you might have made a point about that which I forgot by the time I got to the end of reading the post. I find that I often do that, which is why I have disgustingly detailed notes on what I read for school.
Anyway, you ask what's new. Well, one thing that is new is that I can download from my camera again. So I now have pictures of the mystery birds. I had to post-hole my way through the snow on the side yard to get them.
But, drat. Who could tell what kind of bird that was from that little bitty picture? Wait, maybe I have a better one....
Okay, there he is. The female has a rusty cap on her head. I had not seen a crest on their heads, which is why I denied Brian when he said they were waxwings. But later on, I saw one of the females more closely, and she might have had a crest on her head. It's much more fun to have mystery birds, however. These ones are really very red looking, more so than the picture shows. And, oh yeah, they are not red all over as I claimed - they sort of have a red hood - it goes down their back a little ways, and down their chest a little ways - kind of like those dickies that boys wore when we were in high school. Dickie. What a funny word. Soon it will cease to exist, although I saw a dickie in the second hand store a few weeks ago. I can't imagine seeing anyone wear one anymore. How the hell did I get to dickies? It must be time to go to bed.

Love, Mary


Nancy said...

More than ever I am thinking Pine Grosbeak, now that I have seen the picture. Page 525 in Sibley's.

In my mind the link between being the oldest and having clothing stolen was it never went the other way. Younger always borrowed from older. Older didn't go back that way because younger was smaller. Way smaller in Jeni's case. Of course my memory might be playing tricks on me since it was almost 50years ago.

Mary Drew said...

Yes, I think you're right - Pine Grosbeak. Skeeter came up with that one too.