Sunday, March 22, 2009

News from Abbott Avenue

Hi there Mary,
We went to a Bernard Shaw play at TRP today. It was the only one he wrote about the United States. It was set during the revolution. If I keep typing long enough maybe I will remember the name of it. Did you know he petitioned the crown to remove George from his name? Hmmm still haven't remembered.

It is raining out now. Earlier it was lovely and warm and sunny. A really nice day.

Yesterday I took the 'rents to get a hair (and beard) cut. Mom was a little testy because she had picked up what she thought was her jacket but it wasn't and we all decided it belonged to E or Jon because it said New Balance on the front.

However when they turned up a little later they repudiated it. So I am having Mom hold it up to show you a picture of it. Maybe you will recognise it. And you get a look at Mom's new haircut as well. If it is yours, shall I mail it back to you? It is just about the time of year it might be useful.
Mom is reading Donald Westlake's book "What's The Worst That Could Happen?" right now. I ordered most of the Dortmunder ones when we heard of his death. They are old and have been coming in in dribs and drabs from the Library for the blind. She sits in her chair chuckling away. It makes me feel good.

Still haven't remembered the name of the play. I think I will go to put in a link and 'remember' it that way. Ahhhh yes. The Devils Disciple. How could I forget?
Here is a picture of the moon over Abbott Ave from earlier this week. About 8 a.m. in the morning on Thursday. Lots of different trees from when we were kids here. This is looking up towards 45th Street.
Happy Equinox,


Mary Drew said...

It is not my jacket. Don't forget to wash Mom's London Fog. I meant to do that before I left. See, now, you were trying to do me a favor and all I did was think of a job for you to do.

Nancy said...

Well, I wonder whose jacket it is? Should I ask Jeni and Deb? It was way too cold for that jacket when Chris and Deb were here. I wonder if it will fit me. I will go wash Mom's London Fog. I might wash mine at the same time. It might could use it.

Nancy said...

just a note to let you know that the phone is out here and won't be fixed until later on Tuesday the 7th. Just in case you were trying to call.