Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm knitting something.

Hi Nancy,
  I'm knitting something from some knotted yarn I made about two years ago.  These pictures were taken in February of 2007:

  You were asking about the shawl in my profile picture.  You can see the silk/mohair blend yarn above that it was made from, in the teal color.
  Do you remember buying all these skeins at Lee Ward?  Circa 1990 or so?  Then years later you gave them all to me.  I made a few things, but mostly I just had a few skeins of each color, so I decided to make a knotted yarn out of them.  I clothespinned them to my music stand, and went in order from fuschia on through in the order you see.  I'd draw 14 inches from the skein, knot it to the previous strand, and wind it up on the old ball winder you gave me.  When I ran out of a color, I just continued on to the next until there was nothing left.
  I ended up with 5 balls of approximately 40 grams each.  I'm pairing a double strand of the knotted yarn with a dusty pine green loosely stranded Brown Sheep skein that I got at the yarn swap I had a couple of years ago.  When I get a new cable for my camera, I'll let you know what it looks like.  Love, Mary


Nancy said...

Wow that is going to be some thick something that you are making. I can't wait to see it. Are you going to tell me or make me guess?
It sounds fascinating.

Mary Drew said...

It will be thick. I had to take most of it out as it was too small, so I'm starting again tonight.

Nancy said...

You are such a meanie.