Thursday, January 15, 2009

'E' and the New Years Jump

OK OK I know it has been a long time since THE jump but I have been very busy procrastinating. (And very successfully too I might add.) Anyway I pupped out of the early morning jump this year. I mean out of viewing it, not jumping as I am not INSANE thank you very much, but E sent me these two pictures today and I thought they really needed to go in the blog. Insanity on this level needs to be recognized and applauded whenever possible.

Yah she looks happy doesn't she? I just went to youtube and reviewed the drewietube E video and oh my gosh I felt the insanity all over again. I heard myself say "oh E!" when she jumped in and I know I will always feel that way whenever she does something wonderful and crazy and just like herself. Oh E! We love you!


Mary Drew said...

Some background: this happened on New Year's Day in Minnesota - not our warmest state. She IS crazy. And we do love her.

Nancy said...

They said they had to cut through 10 inches of ice to make the hole this year.
Not so much really. Not as cold as last year was.
BTW I was looking at some of the other reports and Jon was seen in one of them! He is seen from slightly behind drawing a 'M' on a ladies arm (to mean Minnow) and it is on a news report about one of the news people who jumped last year for the second year. (First years are guppies and get a G)