Friday, January 9, 2009

Grandma Essie's Bag

Hi Mary and Jeni,

Cousin Mike sent us a package just after Christmas. He called to let us know it was coming and then checked to make sure we had received it. He spent 18.00 on postage!

In it were pictures from Aunt Josie's scrapbook. Many we had seen but some were new to us. There are several of Jeni carrying a big pail in the backyard of the cottage at Crystal that I had never seen before.

Also in there was an envelope or clutch style bag done in a sort of crewel embroidery that he said was started by Grandma Essie and finished by Aunt Josie. I was thinking that I would save it for Jeni unless someone else really wants it and then we can draw straws. I thought of Jeni as she is the one I know who really loves bags of all sorts.

Things have been going along here fairly slowly. We go to the doctors with great regularity but otherwise stay home. I am staying in the Transplant program this year, unlike last winter, so I get to go and have blood drawn with Mom.

Today I got to go to a HRBlock meeting and then go have a tooth drawn. I have just a little swelling and if I don't look at it in the mirror I am fine.

I am not supposed to swish, spit or suck for 24 hours so it will heal wet instead of making a 'dry socket'. They won't let me have hot or caffinated beverages for 24 hours too. And, of course, only soft foods. I am keeping fine with tylenol and books to keep me distracted.

Love to you both,



Mary Drew said...

Wellllll, I might like to have that clutch too. Or do you think it is definitely a Jeni thing?

Nancy said...

No it is not definately a Jeni thing. If you both want it we can figure out joint ownership or draw straws or whatever you two feel is fair. One have it odd years and the other even years and each give it at Christmas time to the other?

Nancy said...

I meant "definitely". Really I DID. It is just a typo. One I make consistently.

Mary Drew said...

Mine is occasionally. Occasionally I spell it right, but I usually stumble when I do it. It used to be zucchini and broccoli until I realized they both have double Cs.
Hey! Occasionally has double Cs!

Nancy said...

double 'c's Always a problem.