Thursday, January 22, 2009

E and the Snowshoes

Once upon a time in a land far to the north a tiny woman decided to snowshoe for 13 plus miles. Yes it was E and yes she was in Duluth for what used to be called the John Beargrease Marathon Snowshoe Race, but is now called the Northwoods snowshoe marathon. E took it easy and only did the half marathon.
What a wimp.

Jon sent me this picture of her crossing the finish line last weekend. It isn't enough that she jumped in the damn lake two frozen weekends ago but now she has to go and run, er snowshoe a half marathon.
How is a sister in law supposed to keep up? Oh, that's right. WE CAN'T KEEP UP! That is why she is the racer and I am the quilter I suppose. Well when she slows down and takes a nap...Hmmm does E ever nap?.. well, if she did, she could do it under one of my quilts.
Yeah, that's the ticket.
Love to E

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Mary Drew said...

That's exactly what I was going to recommend: she needs a quilt that is sort of an extension of a stuffie. Hmmmm, I wonder what knitting lends itself to that?