Saturday, November 15, 2008

Missing Mary

This is Mary, Me and E. They make me feel tall!

Mary went home on Thursday. Rather she started home. Today is Saturday so she and the Fatty Kitty should be home today.
I wish we could have had more time together. I shouldn't be selfish as I have had more time with her and Jeni this year than for many years past. I guess we can thank Mom for giving us this time together. Probably not in her plans to do it this way, but it worked.
The last thing she did before putting Fatty Kitty in the car was to put the bike up on the car. Jim helped her. She is a little short for it but she has a step stool. It was cold and rainy so I stayed safely warm inside and took pictures. We have to put up something to entertain Skeeter!
Note the hula hoops in the back window of the car. She didn't even leave us one of them. Mom asked especially. I am not sure if she was planning on Hula-hooping herself or was just wondering if they were still littering the house.
Oh, Yeah, Mom and I did our arm and hand exercises yesterday. We only did 10 reps as it was her first time back with the stretchy thingy. But she did them all and said only a couple of them made her feel sore.
You know how she is.
I take it as a good sign for her arm anyway.

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Mary Drew said...

Oh goody, you're back with the thera-bands. Get strong, Mom!