Saturday, November 15, 2008

First Featherweight Quilt Top

I finished my quilt top made with Black and White fabrics. I used Cream and Black fabrics too. I wasn't fussy. I put in assorted aqua fabrics for some color and to match the many yards of flannel backing that I have. I knew the name as soon as I saw it laid out on the table at the quilt retreat.
A North Dakota Quilter Dreams of the Caribbean. Yup.
The first top completely made with my Featheweight machine. It is 84 x 108 at the moment but it will be a little smaller once Lois at Faye's Henhouse gets done quilting it with large meandering all-over Feathers.
That will be sometime in January.
I am having a wool batt put in and, with the flannel backing, that will make this a wonderful warm winter quilt. Good for dreaming of sandy beaches and tropical waters.


Ree said...

Holy buckets, this quilt is stunning, it's so gorgeous!

Nancy said...

Thanks Ree, It is a queen sized top and very easy to make. Just half square triangles except for a few rectangles on the pieced border.

Anonymous said...

I arrived at your blog address while searching for info on Singer 201s. It seems that we have almost identical machines and cabinets. (I overpaid for mine though -- $17.50 at Goodwill as opposed to your $6!) Anyway, mine seems to be in similar condition to yours when you got it and I'd love any to read anything more that you have discovered about your 201. Were these school machines? Mine has some very light scratches that seem to have been made with pins -- a name and initials. I thought to myself -- WHO would do that?!! However, it all makes sense if these were school machines. Thanks for any more info or photos that you may have.

abigail said...

Dear Anonymous,
I don't think 17.50 is too much for a 201 and cabinet. It is still under my preferred top price of 25.00. Often the 201's were school machines and the cabinet we have is called a student cabinet.
One thing I learned about the 201 is the yahoo groups are a font of information about them. See They have files that will tell you lots about the older Singers.
Also Cindy Peters at has parts and needles if you need them. She is out of Lakeville MN. The 201 is a wonderful machine. Just remember to oil it well if it hasn't been used for a while. And use good sewing machine oil. That is important and the single best thing you can do for a vintage machine. Oil every part that moves against another part. good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Nancy. I will try those resources. I'm glad my Google search led me to your blog as I've enjoyed reading some of the entries other than those related to sewing. The photos are so good, and although I don't quilt, I enjoyed seeing photos of yours. The recent post about "catch and release' was a favorite. We have four cats right now, but none of them seem to be mousers. We used to have a mouser though and she somehow seemed to know when something big was happening and would bring her live offerings. Again, thanks! Of to Yahoo groups.

Libbeth said...

Gorgeous quilt. Makes me want to run and oil my machine - you can tell how old it is when it needs oiling!