Monday, May 7, 2007

So this is Fernie

Hi Nancy,
We seem to be having a lot of sky in the blog lately, and here is some more - sky on top of the mountains of Fernie, BC. And this was only a little bit of the mountains.

I drove to Fernie today to pick up this sister:

shown here demonstrating her skill at dismounting a bike. Apparently, in Fort Nelson her bike is famous. She comes out of work to find it decorated by staff (once with a fake parking ticket), and even has the janitor applying WD-40 when he thinks it needs a little TLC.
Besides that, we talked about the sad fact that the new presidential dollars will eventually include one with our present president on it, the benefits of apple cider vinegar, what people should do with the money we give them as presents (whatever they want as opposed to what we want - damn!), why you pick dandelions for wine when the flower is closed instead of open, what Dad said, which card is best for Zeke Zychal's birthday (and if my scanner was working, I'd show it to you), why can't we remember anything anymore, and who knows what else. This is only the beginning.
We've already visited the second hand store once, and plan to go tomorrow again just so we'll have more time to look around. Goody. After we came home we had some fresh roasted coffee:

Columbian - a dark Vienna / French roast is my guess. Tomorrow I work most of the day, so Jeni will have to amuse herself. I'm sure she'll have no problem, except for maybe remembering people's names. And we really, really wish you were here too.
Love, Mary

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