Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Quick overview of graduation weekend:

Howdy Nancy.
Whew. Back home again for barely three days and then I'll be on the road to Seattle for the nephew's wedding. But first, the Missoula trip: one of the first places we stopped was Ninny Pippi. Oh, that's just how the Minnesotans pronounce it. They've got all those words with Minni in them, so their tongues naturally do that.

OK, ok, it's just Ninepipe. We only stopped so we could tease you about mispronouncing it all those years ago. As you can see, it was a pretty nice day. That was Friday.

On Saturday came the actual graduation, with ex-spouses and current spouses all in attendence and on very good behavior. I took over 50 pictures that I eventually hope to have up on one of my web albums, but until then, here's my favorite: Christy with her uncle and cousins. Who could disagree with the old adage, great minds think alike?

Besides that, on the weekend came some INSANE card games, complete with a cat (Hendrix)
and vintage cat glasses, worn by Amanda who,

besides having great taste in eyeware, proved to be a great cook and a gracious hostess.
Sunday was given over to shopping with a Mother's day meal planned by Amanda and executed by her and Ben.
Monday, the Grad began the arduous process of moving out of the dorm. I brought some of her stuff back to Whitefish with me. Jeni stayed in Missoula with Number One Son.
The highlight of the day was finding Jeni's Mother of the Groom outfit at the Secret Seconds store - a thrift run to benefit the YWCA, which also runs the domestic violence agency for Missoula. They also have a cool program called GUTS! (Girls Using Their Strengths) to mentor girls of all ages.
Which brings us to today - Tuesday. I worked all day. I have tomorrow off, then I must be at work at 10:30 Thursday, leaving immediately for the airport to get to Seattle that night, dropping by Missoula to pick up Christy on the way. So I have to be all ready to go in less than 48 hours, and 16 of those hours I have to sleep. And some I have to work. And some I have to eat and mow the lawn, and pay bills and figure out how much money I really have for this trip (answer: none...oh well, I never let it stop me.) Glad I don't have to buy film for the camera or pay to get it developed. We'll keep you posted. Love, Mary


Nancy Drew said...

The photo's say it all. We must be related (all those peace signs waving in the air). Have a great trip to the wedding.

Mary Drew said...

Uummmmm, I think those peace signs were supposed to be rabbit ears. Or devil's horns. You make us sound very nice. har!