Sunday, May 6, 2007

Grain bins and rainbows

Them grain thingy's are grain bins. They are usually found on farmsteads and at grain elevators. I suspect those are grain elevator bins you are seeing there cause they are really big. The ones on farms are usually smaller than the ones at elevators.
Way in the distance (a mile away from the camera and past the fertilizer tank) are Clifford's grain bins. Hmmm they look awful small compared to the majesty of nature don't they?
We do have a farmer's market up in Mayville. It is one guy and his camper topped pickup. He is helped by his wife and occasionally his granddaughter. I hope they will be around again this year because he has cancer and gardening is his life.
He doesn't do any needlework, nor does his wife.
However they are right next door to Faye's so I see them every Tuesday during the season.

Wow great crochet stuff. Hope you find her name.

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