Saturday, January 20, 2007

Whitefish Lake is frozen

Howdy Nancy,
It was so freakin' cold here that not much went on after I got back from Seattle. Except it was so cold and calm, that the lake was able to freeze smoothly -- an event that happens rarely. In fact, I think it was so long ago that Christy was only 12 or 13 or so - ten years ago.

To celebrate the skate-able lake, and that I finally finished Christy's glove/mittens, I took them skating:
So what did I learn from this project? Well, if you start out to make fingerless mitts, then change them into fingerless gloves, then change them into fingerless gloves with a mitten over them, it takes a lot more knitting and tinking to get them finished.

Also, the original pattern (from Knitty's summer '06 issue) had an interesting thumb opening - which didn't work as well when one was knitting a whole thumb instead of just a thumb sort-of-collar-thingie. It worked fine for the right hand, but on the left hand it kept pulling uncomfortably. Anyway, next time I make these, I will knit the standard thumb gusset - on the beginning of the round for the right hand, and at the end of the round for the left hand. That's the way to knit mittens! Hey, by the way Nancy, you said you were going to send a two-needle mitten pattern once. Whatever happened to that?

It's warmed up some, and we got some snow, so I'll have to go check out the state of the lake once more - perhaps after work tomorrow...unless I take the opportunity to go XC skiing, because the Glacier Nordic club has their course up and running. How goes it in Minneapolis? mdp

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Nancy Drew said...

Speaking of Lake Skating the city is having a national "Pond Hockey" tournament on Lake Nokomis. People came from all over to skate on 'real' ice. The Star/Tribune had a nice article on it in Saturdays paper.
We just lucked out cause it didn't really freeze hard enough until this last week. And some people still found some wet spots on the lake. However according to the paper people are having a good time skating on the lake instead of rinks.