Monday, January 8, 2007

Travelogue #2 Seattle Cats and Walks

Hey Nancy,
I made it back home to Montana and regular internet access, so I can finish up about my visit to Seattle. We were very busy there. So busy that I did not visit a single yarn store! And I know there are a lot of good ones there, because I've been to some of them. I barely knit - only a little bit on Christy's mittens. But we got all our work done, and now the ol' bear has a nice little den while he's studying.

The night we arrived, we became reacquainted with Nigel. He's grown up since we last saw him as a kitten. He took a liking to my new jacket, maybe thinking it was a kitty sleeping bag. And Nigel has two brothers: Neo and Al, who are not pictured. Many thanks to their parents, who put us up for the night.

After we moved into the Alki
apartment, we found the public walkway, which all really good communities need. It definitely has the feel of a beach community during the off season. Coming from a tourist town, I believe the off season to always be the best season. People are friendly: many greet you on the streets, just like at home. (I meant to find out what kind of birds those were, Nancy, but I forgot. I think the big ones were sandpipers, but the little whitish ones were so plump and cute.) (I don't mean the gulls in the second picture!) And of course, being a landlubber, I am fascinated by the ocean. Even crappy shells enthrall me, at least until they’ve sat in my sandy pocket for a few hours and start to smell.
Yep, I pulled one out of my pocket in the train station.

And as I said, we found our favorite coffee shop/internet hot spot, the Alki Bakery (I left half of that cinnamon roll in the fridge there and I'm devastated), and our favorite breakfast spot, the Alki Cafe, (really good potatoes, hard to not eat them ALL, but they'll sub fruit instead), and the friendly local pub too. Ol' Bear says the bangers and mash are excellent at the Celtic Swell. I'm sure all these places are crammed during the summer season, but this time of year, they're quiet, pleasant, friendly neighborhood places.

And we also got to visit with nephew Paul and his fiance, Liz, and her son, Dresden, at the Seattle Zoo, where I did not get any pictures. I decided not to be A Disturbing Photo Snapper before Liz and Dresden got used to me. It was a nice first visit. At any rate, that's enough travelogue for now. I expect to show the finished mittens for my next post! Enjoy yourself visiting the farm and your quilting buddies. Love, Mary

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