Saturday, January 20, 2007

Double Knit mittens

OK, You asked for it.

After I posted about them in December I read my entire Beverly Royce folder on Double Knitting. It is fascinating reading. Then I went and looked to see if it was available as something more than the typewritten pages in a purple folder that I had purchased from her back in the 80's when I was double knitting.

It had been, but was now out of print. (By E. Zimmerman's Schoolhouse Press of course). So I looked it up on eBay. OMG anyone got 70 bucks for it? Guess I will freeze onto my purple folder.

Anyway I found my old pattern from the Knitting Camp days and this is it more or less. I used to teach it at Ram Wools. It is a fast fun mitten. I also found a pair of mittens I made with this pattern (cheap acrylic yarn). I will email you the directions I use. Maybe you can test the pattern for me and we can see if it is understandable as written. I didn't have to worry about that so much when I was there teaching the class.
PS It is also very easy to make gloves by double knitting the fingers and then attaching them to the palm and knitting up to the ribbing and casting off. I can't find those gloves though and I know I made them. Drat!


Nancy Drew said...

When I make these again I will put in more ribbing. 2 inches just seems a little unsubstantial.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me how to get this pattern?

Nancy said...

Dear Anon,
You will have to uncloak in order to receive this pattern. Or, go to any search engine and put in Beverly Royce. You will find her book in Abe Books, Amazon, etc.