Thursday, July 26, 2012

Early Swallow sighting

Dear Mary and Jeni,
It is Swallow time at the farm.  It seems very early this year.  I was sitting on the back deck this morning watching them cruise our skies.  It is my favorite time of the year.  (After the day the Orioles return in the Spring).  That is only one day though.  This goes on, if I am lucky, for several weeks.
Swallows on the wire. (No longer electrified)
Swallows in the Box Elder tree.

Joy riding on a breezy day.
 View from the north or back deck....There is a woodpecker tapping on our downspout also.

View from the front (west) porch...

Every year I get a lot of swallows.  Some years more than others.  This year the gathering is early and makes me think there might be an even larger gathering, after a second nesting.  Here is a link to a big swallow year.   That was taken in late August so this sighting, still in July, is abnormal.  (Well, so was everything else this hot summer.)

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