Thursday, May 31, 2012

What I've been doing.

That is a nice bag.  I've been thinking of sewing a bag so I can sew some of Chris's Art Patches onto it.  

But I don't sew much so I'm sticking with the project I'm in the middle of: mittens for everyone!  Of course, I'm just knitting with the yarn in my stash and I'm not swatching, so the mittens will just turn out the size they turn out.  Here's what I've got so far - modeled by Elliot.


Nancy said...

I have been working on a pair of mittens also. I started them while we were in Minneapolis. I have one finished and am unsatisfied. Maybe I should add a second yarn to the palm so it has a little more heft to it. The wool seems sort of flimsy.

String Bean Jean said...

Those mittens are so cute! I actually need to learn to knit in the round before I can start my own. I am progressing in learning how to do this. I probably need to start with something easy like legwarmers.

Nancy said...

Hey String bean, Mittens are EASY! I would way rather do mittens than leg warmers.

Sporting Statues said...

I'm currently putting together a website cataloging all of the USA’s baseball statues - - as such I was wondering if I could use your photos of the Dave McNally and Ed Bayne statues at Dehler Park, Billings? You would of course be credited by the photos.

PS if you have close upphotos of the two Bayne and one McNally plaques that'd be even more amazing-these are hard statues to track down!

dawson said...

I want mittens for Christmas!