Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 2nd 2012

Hi Mary and Jeni,
Yesterday was one of those rare perfect days.  The breeze was soft the sun was shining and the lawn was full of dandelions.   The dandelions were full of Red Admiral butterflies.  When you walked across the lawn they billowed around you like a cloud.
Red Admiral on Creeping Charlie
Even what was left of the crab apple tree was starting to bloom.   When you walked near it you could hear the hum from all the bees that were nectaring there.  It also had a share of the Red Admiral butterflies.  
Red Admiral on Hopa Crab Apple Tree.
It was a great day for gardening.  Jim planted potatoes, peas and strawberries and has plans for beets and lettuce today.  
It is sure nice to be back at the farm.


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