Monday, July 18, 2011

Fun at Faye's Quilt Shop

Dear Jeni and Mary,
Funky Chicken Quilt, hanging in my stairway.
Wow, this was a two quilt week.  
First I won an auction quilt made by Debbie L.M. for the Snowhook Kennels and hosted by the ChettheDog Plunderers.  Lucky me!  When it arrived there was some extra chicken fabric in it.  Even luckier me.   So I immediately started to use it up.  That is very unusual for me, but I was going to spend the weekend 'locked in' at Faye's Henhouse Quilts anyway, so it happened.
Potholders, front, chickens and backs, red and black & white
After I made some potholders I decided I had enough chicken fabric left to make a pair of pillowcases.  They are cut and ready to sew.  Someday.
future pillowcases
Then I decided since I was already having fun I had better get working on two other projects I have been ignoring.  One is to make a quilt with the fabric my sister Jeni bought.  It is cowgirl fabric for her granddaughter, Ruby Jo.  I had the fabric but was having trouble finding companion fabrics that would match.  
future cowgirl quilt
Faye's came through again and I was able to match three of the colors quite well so that is ready for me to decide on the pattern.

lots of purple and blues.   

Hmmmmm that might take a while, so I decided to buy fabric for the quilt I had promised Jeni herself.  Purples and not dark.  That was the request.  
So I went crazy in the batik section.  Too many purples would be boring, for me if not for Jeni, so I added some aqua and had lots of fun.   23 colors later this is what I came up with.

I decided on a very easy pattern called Strip Twist that is from the website.    My friend Deb was making one in very similar colors so here is a picture of her quilt on the wall and my colors below it.  Well, some of my colors.
Deb's Strip Twist quilt above a few of Jeni's colors.
(Remember there are 23 colors.)  

Then I received my second quilt.  Deb had made it for me out of scraps that I had 'gifted' her with.  She also added some apron and cat fabric, cause she knows I love both of those items.  She says it is my anniversary quilt for this event.   It is just wonderful and she made me cry wonderful happy tears.  This is my quilt...
Deb, Quilt, Me
We all had a wonderful time.  As you can tell from the following picture.  Just a little show and tell from the Twisted Sisters.
Keri, Karen and Deb, with quilt.   Lori hid out and is not pictured.


dawson said...

My quilt is going to be so bee-you-tea-full. I love all the colors and the twisted pattern. Perfect!

Debbie's Funky Chicken Quilt looks great on your stairway. That is such an amazing fun quilt. What are you doing with those pot holders?

Nancy said...

The potholders???
Why I am admiring them, what else would I do with them? Heh heh heh.