Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Billings garden

Hello Sisters,
There is a garden here in Billings too.  Inspired by Amy Grandpre of the Yellowstone County Extension who did a presentation at the Library last year, I built a small square foot garden (4 X 4).  Hardly anything grew in the clayey soil even though I amended it with a lot of stuff (can't remember what but there were several heavy bags).

This year I amended with compost and peat moss. Anyone need some peat moss? I still have half the bag left.
And I got some good plants from the Big Sky Nursery in Laurel, recommended by a patron at the Library (the real reason Reference Librarians know stuff - people tell us).  Here's what the square foot garden looks like today:
Square Foot garden - mostly peppers, tomatoes, herbs.
As usual, I had the beginning of a plan but when  I went to Billings Hardware and found they were practically giving away herbs, all planning ceased.  How can one resist lavender and cilantro and two pots of oregano?  All right - that was an error.  I had so many herb plants that I didn't notice two were the same.  And then I must have planted  some by the pine stump last year because I found some flourishing there while I was planting.  That is typical.  I have left a legacy of herbs in the yards of every house in which I have lived - and I've lived in a lot.
Look at these peppers!

I like this picture because it shows our patio and outdoor computer center.  

I can keep an eye on Elliot and do my work at the same time.  He wanders and I have to call him back occasionally.  The bell on his collar is very handy for finding him.  

Sometimes, even though I can hear the bell, he is still difficult to find.


Nancy said...

Wow How did he get up there??? It looks like he is getting acquainted with his neighborhood.

Cilantro makes a lovely plant with the small white flowers. I am warning you though. If you don't deadhead the seed pods you will have cilantro all over the yard next year. It is a very prolific self seeder.

dawson said...

Oooh, your garden looks great.
That is a wonderful picture of Elliot striding across the roof.

Nancy said...

Hey, can you freeze basil? Ours is about knee high (or higher) and is just starting to go to seed so Ithink I should do something soon.