Friday, June 17, 2011

2011 Raffle Quilt is quilted

Hi there Jeni and Mary,
Raffle quilt detail.  It's all florals.
The Sister's Choice Raffle Quilt for this year is assembled and waiting for the quilter to finish the binding.   This is a preliminary photo of it hanging from Deb's garage door.  She had to hang it sideways and it was windy (It's North Dakota for Pete's sake) so it has a little wiggle in it from the wind.  I will get another picture when it is completed..
This is what happens when you hang a quilt on your garage door
when it is windy.
It is done in scrappy floral fabrics with brick red borders.  Here is the entire quilt so you have an idea of the colors.  Can you see where the detail is?  

Requests for tickets ($1.00 for one and $5.00 for 5) will be taken by Nancy.  Maybe this is YOUR year!


Mary Drew said...

I really wish I would win one of these quilts sometime. Or at least that someone I know would win one. This year's quilt is my favorite so far.

Sigh. Ok, put me in for ten tickets. I'll send you a check. I am such a sucker.

Nancy said...

You are not a sucker, dear Sister, You are an optimist.

dawson said...

I sent you an email with my order. I do hope one of your sisters win.

Nancy said...

Me too!