Saturday, March 20, 2010

Travel in the Flood Zone

Hi Mary and Jeni,
We made a quick trip up to North Dakota

to visit and renew and try to get healthy for the last part of the tax season.  I also made my first youtube video.  You can link to it here 2010 flood video   We had a good time in North Dakota even though we took our colds up there and brought back our coughs.  Those coughs are hard to get rid of.  While there, we looked at the flooding and played at the quilt shop.
Last fall I left a quilt to be 'quilted'  by Lois at Faye's Henhouse.  It was done when we visited this week so I picked it up and put on the binding and brought it back here to Minneapolis to finish sewing the binding in place.  I really like it, I used all floral prints.  I also used wool batting and it is as light as a cloud.
Both Abbie and Alice approved of it.   Alice when it was folded up for traveling and Abbie, here, while I was trying to sew on the binding.



Mary Drew said...

It does look like a "Nancy" quilt. I also approve.

Mary Drew said...

I want more pictures of that quilt. Are there any?

Nancy said...
The abobe link will get you to more pictures. Or you can just go look at the posts from the first three weeks of November 2009. I have it up in two posts. This is from before it was quilted though.

Nancy said...

That is supposed to say the ABOVE link...