Monday, March 1, 2010

Have I shared my chicken recipe?

I don't think I have.  I am cooking it now while I muse on the staircase.  I'm not sure I would like my books where my feet are always walking.  I have to should sweep the floor a lot and I imagine all the dust and bits of stuff getting in between and on top of the books.  I would not like that.  I'm going to show the ol' bear and see what his thoughts are.

Meanwhile, I will tell about this chicken recipe that a friend of mine made up.  She doesn't cook much and likes to keep it simple.  She invented this when she was tired after work, but she had to cook (it must have been her turn).

This is what she did: she took a large frying pan with a tight cover.  She put a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of water in it.  She put two (or four- whatever) pieces of frozen chicken breast in it and sprinkled them with herbs de provence.  She put the lid on and turned the heat on to medium low.  After 12 to 15 minutes, she turned the chicken over and kept the lid on.  After 12 minutes more she had yummy chicken.  And that's what we are going to have tonight, although I add salt and pepper.  When it's done, I'm going to saute mushrooms in the sauce that is left, and then heat up leftover rice in the same pan.  With a salad, we will be all set.

And now, time for a Whitefish Weather Report: the other day we had snow, rain, sun, and then hail.  Here is a picture of the hail:

 Then we went back to sun, of which we have been getting a disproportionate amount.  This is what our backyard looks like today - no snow, and lots of litter from the mountain ash.  It was up to 46 degrees - and it's been doing that for the last couple of weeks, off and on.

The reason for all the litter is a bad storm and freeze in the fall before the leaves were ready to fall.  After that, most of them stuck on the trees and didn't turn colors (except brown).  Over the winter they've been gradually falling off.  I'm sure it hurt any trees that had a weakness.  We will see this summer.  And my forecast for this summer is lots of smoke from forest fires unless we get a substantial amount of precipitation.

The ol' bear agrees with me about the staircase.  He thinks his books would get all dirty (and they would, because I'm the one who sweeps around here, and I don't do it that much.)  And by the way, did Abbie tell you that Fatty Kitty posted?


Nancy said...

No Abbie did not share that information with me. I did check FK about a week or so ago but not recently. Better go look. I have missed those posts.

Nancy said...

This reminds me of Jim's chicken recipe.
You come in from the field and put a cut up chicken into a pan and put it in the oven. (I have no idea at what temp)(Jim says,"I suppose it was 350 degrees but I would have to look in the Campbell's Soup Cook Book).
Then you take a shower.
Then you turn the chicken pieces over and then you have a martini. Then you take the chicken out and eat it.
He usually paired this with frozen "mixed vegetables".

Nancy said...

Or a beer, of course.

Mary Drew said...

That recipe wouldn't work for me. I take really long showers. I'm trying to cut down but it's really hard.