Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chris Drew in Chicago

Chris, Mom, Deb and Dad

Our brother Chris is fighting for Artist's rights in Chicago and has gotten into some interesting problems.  Take a look at this video made about his fight and posted on the ArtsJournal e-zine.   His video is on the top of the front page and to the right. Above shows Chris and his wife, Deb and our parents.  The photo was taken in 2005.

Exciting times in the Drew Family.
Chris might be the one to get a case in front of the Supreme Court.  Not exactly what we thought of years ago when we were growing up.  But we always knew that once 'Kit' made up his mind you got out of his way.  Looks like he has made his mind up again.


Mary Drew said...

And it's uncanny how much he sounds like Dad. I never noticed that before.

Nancy said...

Oh yeah,
And if you look under the beard he looks just like him too.