Friday, August 28, 2009

Jim wins tickets to the Twins

And I get my picture taken with Bert Blyleven.

Hi Mary and Jeni,

Jim insisted and just look what happened. Bert wasn't even told that I have a long history of doing that to others. He is just that way. Jim says I am lucky he didn't give me a hot foot.
Jim got the tickets because he guessed the answer to a silly question on a radio program and then his name was picked out of the correct guesses.
So we went down to the cities and stayed with the parents and saw Jon and E and ran lots of errands and went to the game.

We also got a tour of the Metrodome which involved lots of climbing up and down stairs. We got to stand on the field and peek in the dugout
and look out from the area the newspaper guys sit in.
Here Jim is standing under signatures of famous ballplayers who have been in the radio booth.
We bumped into Bert on our way past the TV booth. He was nice enough to sign the baseball that the other winning couple had brought.
Laura and her husband are dairy farmers and so we had a nice little farmer fest in the great seats up in row 33 perfectly behind home plate.
The 'print media' were just above us. We could see the 'great' Sid Hartman reading the paper and ignoring the game from our seats.
We had a great time although the Twins lost. We got to see this play by Alexi Casilla which was showed over and over again.
Jim remembered the score book (after being reminded) so we have it down for posterity.


Mary Drew said...

Awww, wish I could go to a Twins game with you guys. Although I could do without performing for a video.

Nancy said...

Unlike my husband, you have always been resistant to my suggestions. The poor innocent man didn't know the camera was filming. He thought I was just taking his picture.