Monday, August 10, 2009

Forced to go to Quilting Shops and buy fabric

Hello Mary and Jeni,

It was all for the good of the economy and are we good!

Karen, Kari, Deb and I decided to do our bit during the Great Minnesota Shop Hop. We shop-hopped our way down to Minneapolis and then shopped around the metro area and then shop-hopped our way back to North Dakota.
Along the way we had many fabric adventures. The Wizard of Oz fabric was calling to one of us. (Not me)
Another one was seduced by the color orange.
It wasn't the first time.
Some of us bought more 'food' fabrics.
Kari and Deb.....
Someone hid her fabric in the car and didn't let us pet it.
Someone else spent all her ready cash the first day. It was a (failed) attempt at a budget. None of the rest of us were so silly as to bring actual cash. Well I did bring $40.00 for food and water, but that was all.
We missed seeing Jon and E but Jon did check on the air conditioning upstairs while we were away playing on Saturday. Thank goodness he did because it was a nasty humid hot typical Minneapolis day.
Then when we were finished shopping on Saturday (the stores all closed!) I went to my friend Annies house and bought my new 'red head' Singer 66 with just perfect decals. I am afraid to clean it in case I ruin them. Here is a before picture.
Really doesn't look bad at all does it? Maybe I will leave it alone for now.

After a light supper at the Convention Grill with Annie, we went home to sleep off Saturday and rest up for Sunday.
One final picture of the car on Sunday morning at our last quilt shop. I kept making the two in the front seat wave back at me.
I couldn't tell what I was doing as the sun was in my eyes.
Check out this last 'wave'.
The camera doesn't lie.
For the final picture here is a road sign found on the State highway on the way home. I took a picture through our dirty windshield but it didn't show up as nicely as this one taken earlier. What other state would ask you to take turns?
Of course there was no one else to share with at the time we came up to it. But we did obediently stop and take our turn.

Love you,


Mary Drew said...

Wow, red-headed decals. I'm sure a little swipe with dish soap won't hurt them.

Which actual state had the "take turns" sign? Must have been Minnesota urging you to "be nice," huh?

Nancy said...

Hope, it was about 10 miles from home in lovely flat North Dakota.

Nancy said...

We drove down to Fargo today and had to stop and take turns with a big semi truck on the way there, but on the way back both lanes were open. The sign, however, was still there. So we stopped and took turns. I noticed a guy coming from the other direction was stopping too.