Sunday, August 9, 2009

And I hear you got another sewing machine...

Hi Nancy,
   It's a mere 8 days since your last post, and I hear from the folks that you were in town last weekend and there is another sewing machine on their porch.  Do tell.  And just for interest, here are a few pictures of what's been happening here in Montana: 
Scanning old pics of Ben for Amanda - here we are making apple pie in 1981 or 2:
As I recall, the pie turned out wonderful, but then I caught one of the cats nibbling on it.
Below, I'm working at an independent study at the Main library in Kalispell - I get my own section to evaluate and select new stuff - and discard some things too.  Sometimes that's a shock for people - that libraries don't keep every book they've ever had - but there's a difference between a museum and a library.
And Fatty Tomato Salad on the back deck - with an orange tomato this time:
It's not as good as when I grew the basil and tomatoes myself, but it wasn't bad.  There's just something about picking your own stuff - and of course, there is no substitute for home-grown tomatoes.  Do you have any this year?   If so, I am envious.  
Love, Mary


Nancy said...

It has been a cold year in the garden. It started late and tomorrow we are supposed to get our first day higher than the 80's. (91) So far I have hard green things hanging on the tomato vines. Maybe this late heat will help them turn.
The lettuce and peas have been great however. Usually they are long gone by August but I keep picking and they keep growing. My onions are growing well this year too. The potato vines are dying down but we haven't started to dig for anything yet. Soon though.
oh yes, a new machine. Pictures will be forthcoming. I think it is the prettiest one yet. The treadle cabinet is at Mom's until we pick it up later this month.
Love again,

Nancy said...

Anyway it is not a sewing machine that is on the porch. It is a treadle cabinet. The machine is on my kitchen counter waiting for me to get the nerve to work on those absolutely perfect decals. It is a Singer 66 with the 'red-head' decals. You should have one.
You are the red-headed sister.