Monday, April 7, 2014

Singer Model 66 with Lotus decals

Model 66 with Lotus decals, commissioned March 27, 1906
Yes, I went to an estate sale this weekend.  It had a sewing machine cabinet just like the one I bought 40 years ago for my Bernina 831.  I was curious what was in it.  I went on the second day and the cabinet was gone so I never found out what was in it, but I did find this in the basement.

Faceplate in 'before' condition.
Luckily I had requested my husbands attendance and so I had someone there for heavy lifting.   Jeni's rules are go the last day and there was one more day left but I was fighting a cold and just said I will pay the (63.25) price and the heck with it. At least it was 25% off the 80.00 they were asking.

Metalwork in 'after' condition. 
Serial number H306605
From the back.  I am thinking I will remove the motor and make this a handcrank.
There is a handcrank in the future for this machine.  I think it will be nice looking although the decals in the front where the fabric slides over the metal are well worn.  The rest of the decals are very good for 108 years old.
Side mounting feet, not the back mounting ones usual for a 66
Included with the machine was a Singer cardboard box, in good condition, with a nice assortment of attachments, two packages of needles (11 and 14)  and a personal note from the original owner.

In threading bobbin run thread across (drawing)
Always cut bias tape at an angle before starting.
Always put self binding through large opening
Loosen large screw for small stitch.
Words of advice are always appreciated.


Alison said...


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Very pretty. I found a Lotus 66 at a yard sale last summer. Mine isn't in as good of condition as yours, since the previous owners left it out and the bentwood case is shot. Mine is a hand crank (now), waiting on me to replace the tension assembly so it will sew.

Nancy said...

Hi Cheryl, The tension does look strange on this one but I hope it is just that it is so old. After looking more closely at this one I will have to treadle it because the after market motor is not attached to the motor boss. There is no motor boss, just a large hole where one should be. Drat.
Well I was in a mood to buy a machine and I did. When I get back to North Dakota I will check and see if my Red head 66 (in a cabinet) can be made into a hand crank and maybe I can swap these two around.

Mary Drew said...

Oooo, I would like a treadle machine heh heh. But not made from this Lotus decal machine - it is too pretty and belongs in the Drew Museum of Sewing Machines.

Nancy said...

This week I worked on the Lotus machine. It is now in the treadle originally occupied by my Singer Model 66 with the "Red-eye" decals. It really likes it in that treadle and works perfectly.
The Red-eye now sports a jaunty new hand-crank and is very happy that way also. Yay!
The tension unit (on the Lotus) that I thought looked 'funny' has been reassembled the correct way. The one on the Red-eye was put together correctly and showed me what I had to do. The parts were just out of order.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Followed your link from Treadleon. I got a Lotus last year because I wanted the cabinet for a 237. Mine must be older as it has the back mounted foot. It was very rusty and cruddy, but I have been restoring it slowly. Soaked the rusted parts in vinegar and it worked. Polishing the machine with TR3. I am giving it to my sister in law after it is restored who has a cabinet, but now machine. What did you polish the faceplate with? Nice job,

Nancy said...

Linda. I usually polish metal by first cleaning it in a solution of warm water and Oxy-clean. It brings up the years old dirt even when things don't look that dirty. Then I like to use Simichrome paste polish to buff it up. That is what I used on this machine.