Saturday, April 19, 2014

Quilted runner class at the Linden Tree

Hey there Sisters,

This is a Quilt as you go style runner I taught in a class at The Linden Tree.  It is a simple design and we were able to customize it as to size so it would fit the space she had in mind for it.  If I remember correctly this is about 16" x 30"

Quilt as you go runner using Joel Dewberry fabrics.  Photo by Judy Peterson.
 We had a little fun making sure the birds were right side up and not cut in two in any of the strips.

Closeup with matching bowl. Photo by Judy Peterson.
This was a two hour class with homework and we met twice to give her time for sewing between learning the techniques.  It is always interesting for first time quilters to meet the scant 1/4 inch seam.

Thank you Judy for sending me pictures of the finished item


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Mary Drew said...

I LOVE that bird fabric. There were a lot of fabrics that I loved at that store. I'll bet they miss you there, Nancy.