Monday, August 29, 2011

Zinnia's on Parade

Fencing the Zinnias

Dear Jeni and Mary and TurtlemanFred,
Today I did a little fencing on the front walk.  The Zinnia's and Aster's were trying to take over so I bought some bamboo fencing from Sunnyside Gardens (using the Gift Certificate Card Jeni gave me) and tried to give them a little more structure.
Straighten up guys!
There now doesn't that look more orderly?
If you look at the lawn behind many of these Zinnia portraits you will see
signs of Autumn....sigh
After I staked their little hearts out I took a few portraits.
I think the yellow centers are wonderful.

A zinnia among the Garlic Chives.
The Garlic Chives came through like champions.  Maybe it is OK for Jon to scalp them....NOT!
This final shot shows the shadows they make on the sidewalk.

Oh, that reminds me.  I better go bring in the garbage containers.  Sniff.  This is sooo much more fun.

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