Monday, August 1, 2011

The 5-year-plan sweater

Hello Nancy and Jeni.  I'm happy to report a major (in my mind) achievement - I've finally knit an adult sweater - and it's for ME!  I didn't mean it to be a 5-year-plan sweater - but this picture of it in process was taken in February of 2007 BGS (Before Grad School).  I must have been knitting on it for awhile.
In progress at Copperwood Court - 2 houses and 4 years ago.
I think what inspired me to finish it was finishing another piece of knitting that had been languishing for several months - Nancy Woodruff's small shawl.

Finishing that inspired me to get out this huge project.  Since it's all knit in one piece, you have to carry the whole thing around.  It's all garter stitch from Sally Melville's The Knit Stitch.  I've knit a few things from that book - scarves, and a poncho for Katie (I'll have to get a picture of that).  Ok, I'll just post some pictures of it now, because Elliot is starting to pace back in forth right under my nose, giving me an unwanted mustache of loose cat hair.  Mmmphht!
In progress in June - Elliot approves.
Bonus: you get to see the vertebra from the Bowhead Whale.

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Nancy said...

Mary, You look GREAT in that sweater. Good job! This is inspiration for all of us with UFO's in our closets.