Sunday, March 20, 2011

Snow at the farm

Hi Mary and Jeni,  I was at the farm this weekend and decided to continue the comparison series.  This photo is from a few summers ago.  Alice and I are enjoying the garden.  Alice is thinking about getting away from me.  Note the bird-house in the upper left corner of the garden.
Nancy and Alice in the garden.
This photo is from March 17th, 2011.  
You can see the same bird-house in the upper left corner of the garden.
The snow is between  2 and 3 feet deep.
This picture is from the deck height.  The one above was from our 2nd floor window.
I did a little shoveling in order to feed the birds.
I only went down to the last step.
I was too tired to shovel down to ground level.
The trash can is my winter feeder.  It is full of 40 pounds of sunnies.
I was too tired to even think of shoveling out to the center of the garden
where I usually hang my bird-feeders.
This table was mostly blown clear of snow so I filled it with Sunnies, on the top,
and Thistle seed, on the bottom, and the birds were there immediately
Chickadees, Nuthatches, Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers, Junco's and some American Goldfinch.
I also heard Great Horned Owls.



Mary Drew said...

How do you know when it's a great horned owl rather than some other owl? I think I'd like to hear one.

Nancy said...

You go here. It is fascinating.

Anonymous said...

What a great website. Thanks Nancy.

Cindy T.